'Hyaena' is the new, long-waited album of Progressive Death Metal legends Sadist. Produced and mixed by Tommy Talamanca at Nadir Music Studios in Genova, Italy, Hyaena is a compelling mix of the band's traditional Death Metal and Progressive influences with ethnic and tribal sounds, centered around an intriguing concept about one of Africa's most fascinating predators, whose legend says is ridden by the devil.


This is without any doubt the band's most mature, diverse and experimental album to date, in which every detail has been meticulously looked after, musically and visually (the beautiful front cover by painter Luca Orecchia and booklet design by Alex Del Bono are both top notch). The cover artwork, tracklist and a videoclip for the first single 'The Lonely Mountain' will be released soon. 'Hyaena' features a very special guest appearance by percussionist Jean N’Diaye, who will also follow the band on stage on the next tour, and will be available starting from October 16th on Scarlet Records.


Sadist was formed in 1991 by Tommy (guitar, keyboards), Peso (drums), Andy (bass) and Fabio (vocals). While playing locally with original content from their demo, they caught the attention of the indie label Obscure Plasma Records. Their demo was released as Black Screams EP in September 1991, and sold 2500 copies worldwide. The EP was later released in 1992 by American indie label Wild Rag Records in a three-track version. The band toured Italy and France until Fabio left the band, which forced Andy to play bass as well as sing.

Shortly afterward, the band joins a small tour in Portugal and obtains a record deal with Nosferatu Records for a two-album contract and releases “Above the Light” in 1993. Then, Andy leaves the band, and is replaced by bassist Chicco and a new singer, Zanna. In late 1993 the band starts touring in France and the Netherlands.

In early 1994, Sadist supports Carcass during the italian "Heartwork" tour and Samael in France. While on tour, the band works on songs for the new album and in May 1995 enters Rhythm Studios in Bidford on Avon, England, where they start recording their second album.

“Tribe”, the second album is released in February of 1996, distributed by Rising Sun Records for Europe and Toy's Factory for Japan. To promote the new album Sadist starts touring in France, Italy, and the Netherlands. In November, Sadist headlines Mindviews Belgian Metal Convention, and later are featured on the Japanese Iron Maiden tribute with their version of "Wrathchild." At the end of 1996, drummer Peso leaves the band and is replaced by Oinos, shortly afterward singer Zanna and bass player Chicco are replaced by singer Trevor and bass player Andy.

In early 1997, the band signs with the label Displeased Records and starts the recording sessions for the third album, “Crust”. In 1998 drummer Oinos leaves the band and is replaced by Alessio: with the new line up the band takes part to the Wacken Open Air.

In 1999, the band signs with Impact/System Shock and releases the fourth album “Lego”. The response to the album is not as favorable as to the previous albums, and the band's general mood is affected. Sadist stops all activities for some years and in 2005 sign with Italian indie label Beyond Productions.

In late 2006, the band starts the recording sessions for a new album. The selftitled album “Sadist” is released in April 2007 and the band starts touring in Greece, Germany, Czech Rep, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, and joining some huge metal festivals big acts like Iron Maiden and Motorhead (Olympic Stadium in Rome), Megadeth, Korn, Ozzy (Gods of Metal), etc.

The 6th studio album “Season in Silence” is released in 2010. In Summertime the band joins some of the most important European Metal festivals: Hellfest (France), Brutal Assault (Czech Rep.), Metal Camp (Slovenia), Metal Fests (Hungary, Austria), Gods Of Metal (Italy), Metal Mean Festival (Belgium). Late that year Sadist starts its first headlining tour in the East of Europe, performing live in Poland, Czech Rep., Ukrain, Russia, Belarus and Moldova.

The next four years are mostly spent for touring: in 2011 the band is the support act for the italian shows of the European Carnage Tour headlined by Slayer and Megadeth. Late that year the band is headliner at the finnish Helvation Festival.

In 2012 Sadist joins the brutal death masters Suffocation for their english/irish tour.

In 2013 the band plays a very special show at Metalitalia Festival for the 20th anniversary of the debut album “Above The Light”. Soon after, the songwriting for a new album starts: it's a long work, but in February of 2015 the band finally enters the studio (Nadir Music Studios once again) to record the latest Sadist opera: “Hyaena”. The album is the perfect mix between the tribal atmospheres, the progressive influences, the search for new musical languages and the heavy attitude... and the topic of the album is there to remember that, no matter all the years passed... the Sadist-ic attitude is alive, more than ever!





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March 11th 2016 , PLANET Club - Roma - Italy

March 12th 2016 , CYCLE Club - Calenzano(Fi) - Italy

March 19th 2016 , DEMODE' Club - Bari - Italy

March 20th 2016 , ORANGE Rock - Pescara - Italy

March 26th 2016 , MIDIAN Live Club - Cremona - Italy

April 29th 2016 , LIVE Club - Trezzo sull'Adda (Mi) - Italy

May 12th 2016 , HARENDA - Warsaw - Poland

May 13th 2016 , BRUGGE - Minsk - Belarus

May 14th 2016 , MOSKOW Hall - Moskow - Russia

May 15th 2016 , Club ZAL - St. Petersburg - Russia

May 17th 2016 , GOLFSTREAM - Murmansk - Russia

May 19th 2016 , CRAZY TRAIN - N. Novgorod - Russia

May 20th 2016 , BLACK ROSE - Kirov - Russia

May 21th 2016 , NIRVANA - Yekaterinburg - Russia

May 22th 2016 , FREEDOM - Tyumen - Russia

May 25th 2016 , ROCK N ROLL Pub - Irkutsk - Russia

May 27th 2016 , ERA - Krasnoyarsk - Russia

May 28th 2016 , OTPUSK Club - Novosibirsk - Russia

May 29th 2016 , BAR CHE GUEVARA - Barnaul - Russia

May 31th 2016 , THE NOCH - Chelyabinsk - Russia

June 1st 2016 , PIRANHA - Magnitogorsk - Russia

June 2nd 2016 , ZVEZDA - Samara - Russia

June 3hd 2016 , PUPPET Theater - Yerevan - Armenia

June 4th 2016 , ELEKTROWERK - Tbilisi - Georgia

June 6th 2016 , COLOSSEUM Open Air - Kutaisi - Georgia

June 8th 2016 , METROPOLIS - Chernomorsk - Ukraine

June 9th 2016 , ALBION - Chisinau - Moldova

June 10th 2016 , BINGO - Kyiv - Ukraine

June 11th 2016 , EVENT Hall - Lviv - Ukraine

June 12th 2016 , ROTUNDA - Krakow - Poland

June 17th 2016 , HELLFEST - Clisson - France

August 17th 2016 , The Black Heart - London - Uk

August 18th 2016 , Northumberland Arms - New Castle - Uk

August 19th 2016 , Retro Bar - Manchester - Uk

August 20th 2016 , ERADICATION Open Air - Welsh - Uk

October 2nd 2016 , PROGPOWER Europe - Baarlo - Nl


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